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Why you should use a Google Ads campaign to grow your plumbing business?

There are various paid techniques to grow your online business but it is a 'Google Ad campaign' that lets your business stand out from the competitors.

As someone rightly said, Online marketing and Google Ads go hand in hand. It helps you to track conversion, run ads, target the right audience, daily monitoring - all in a hassle-free way.

If you think that Google Ads is only good for food and other mainstream businesses, then you are wrong. Google Ads is an excellent way to promote any business and not only those which we think are well known to the audience. It can be especially useful for plumbing services as it gives them wholly new markets to work with.

In this blog post, we will be discussing in detail: Why online marketing for plumbers businesses should evaluate Google Ad campaigns as the best practice.

Digital Marketing for plumbers is important in today's scenario. It not only gives them the confidence to step up in the online world but also lets them work with the whole setup of new clients. And, in the world of Digital Marketing comes Google Ad campaigns which work like magic for the plumbing businesses. It is the fastest way to bring customers to their business by showing an ad when the customer is actively searching for a solution to their problem.

Here are five reasons why you should use Google Ad campaigns to grow a plumbing business:

1) Gives quicker results than SEO: No matter what, SEO is the backbone of the plumbing business which helps you to get great visibility and higher ranking on Google page. However, this whole process of SEO strategies takes time. Hence, when you launch a Google Ad campaign, it can provide you with faster results. The reason behind this is that you can focus on multiple keywords at a time and the chance of organic results on the SEO results page grows exponentially and without any hustle and bustle. Also, you can run the ads according to your time and need which adds another advantage to it.

2) Helps in Geo-targeting: With the help of geo-targeting, you can target only those audiences living in that specific region. And this is especially useful for those businesses such as plumbing services which are located in a very strict geographical area.

Geo-targeting can be done in two ways: Using the location tracker which is coded into every search engine which supports the Ad campaign or using it in the keywords of the search itself.

3) Increase Brand awareness: Google AdWords will not only help in boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions but also help in increasing brand awareness. While SEO helps in increasing your visibility and rank, this could only be possible when your plumbing business has a strong brand name. Thus, the Google Ad campaign gives you the accessibility to increase your brand name.

4) Helps in measuring your performance consistently: Traditional advertisements have a major drawback i.e. you cannot easily measure the outcome of these advertisements like newspapers, television, radio, etc. And even if you do, they are very expensive. However, this is not the case with Google Ad campaigns. With it, you can measure your performance consistently and can control your budget and spend according to your choice. Also, you can get information about the number of leads generated, traffic level, and keywords that are performing better.

5) Google Ads is integrated with Gmail inbox: You may not be aware of it, but Email marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies. In the year 2015, Google integrated Gmail ads with Google Ads which is made available to all the advertisers. This helps in reaching out to more prospects through their Gmail. These Gmail ads are displayed on the top promotion tab which can be seen on both laptops and mobile. Hence, it will help plumbing businesses to generate more qualified leads.

To conclude, Google Ads is one of the best techniques for any plumbing marketer business. Indeed, it is not a bad idea as the results you get from it are fast and transparent.

So, are you ready to invest your money in Google Ads for your plumbing business?

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