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Why Online Ads Are Better Than Print Ads

Of course, I am biased since I am in business to do online advertising, but some indisputable facts back up the statement that online is better. Let me convince you.

Online ads are less expensive, more targeted, and will give you more data on how your ad dollars are working for you. Need more proof? Read on.

Why Online Ads Are Better Than Print Ads


With an online ad, you can specify the area you want to show your ad by distance, zip code, and more. In addition, you can select audiences, ages, gender, household income, homeowners, and on and on. With a print ad, you are just crossing your fingers and hoping to reach your customers.

The biggest advantage of an online ad is that when customers are looking for help, where do they go? Google. They will search for "plumbers near me," or "plumbers," or maybe "plumbers Louisville". Regardless, you want them to see your business and call you.


You can run a Google search ad for as little as $5 a day. Have you priced a print ad? They are $100 just to run a classified ad. More prominent ads can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. I am not saying your phone will ring off the hook at $5 a day, but the point is you are in control of your expenditure. With a print ad, you will have to pay a larger amount upfront.

Oh, and the great thing about Google search ads. You only pay if they click on the ad. Print ads cant do that.


Google Ads can generate many reports showing you where your clicks are coming from, and you can create retargeting ads. Print ads cant do that. So I am not sure if there is any data you get from print advertising.


Print ads have their place, but Google search ads are the way to go if you want your phone ringing. Search ads should always be the number one choice for any service-related business.

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