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Five reasons to rethink your plumbing slogan

You have to be careful when using slogans to promote your plumbing business.

Plumbers often use their slogans as their only message in outdoor advertising, in the workplace, on vehicles, and in the print media. But that can be a big mistake.

When a slogan is used, it is usually because it is associated with a larger, ongoing campaign. These campaigns usually involve television and radio advertising. However, most plumbing companies do not use campaigns of this magnitude.

This means that they are wasting space in print ads such as the Yellow Pages, which they should be paying for. Instead, focus on the rest of the ads. This applies not only to plumbers but to many businesses.

If you try to be smart or funny, it takes precedence over the actual sales message. It's the quickest way to a terrible slogan. The worst thing is to appear stupid or unfunny. A bad slogan costs money.

A great slogan can help differentiate you from your competitors, provide some benefit to your customers, and make your plumbing business more memorable. If you have an existing slogan, think twice before using it, unless you believe it will bring you money. And if you doubt it, it's a safe bet not to use a slogan at all.

This is the most obvious way to help customers choose without wasting valuable advertising space. Once you have established yourself in a dominant position on the market, you can participate in brand marketing with an effective slogan. If a large number of existing or potential customers recognize your slogan, that will help you. If the market position anticipates and expects similar campaigns over a long period of time, it is understandable that you think you can bind them together.

Provided it has a decent slogan, it won't hurt to use it on your website. You only have a few seconds to make a great impression - so why waste it by getting someone to decipher your half-baked, ill-conceived, quasi-cryptic, pseudo-mystical slogan - that fails to communicate when it tries to communicate everything. Give someone five seconds of their life to siphon off your website and consider yourself lucky. There are millions of websites that don't even get a cursory glance from disinterested consumers.

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