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Are You A Plumber Or A Plumbing Business?

Plumber- Yes or No?

In my opinion, there is a simple way to tell. Ask yourself these two questions? Do I personally do the plumbing work and do I let phone calls go to an answering machine during business hours? If the answer is yes to either of these you are a plumber. If the answer is no, you have employed plumbers and you answer the phone, or even better have a receptionist then you are a plumbing business.

Starting Out

Of course, like most businesses, a plumbing business was started by a plumber that worked for someone else and decided he wanted to be his own boss so he ventured out on his/her own. Naturally, at this stage, they would be a plumber. If this is where you are happy there is nothing wrong with that. Some concerns are what if you get injured and can't work or you get sick? The income stops. If you have ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki you will understand that a solo business owner just has a job that he/she owns. Robert would advise you to become a business with employees and have your income be generated by the work of others. This is how you build wealth.

Grow Into A Business

So you envision yourself running a multi-million dollar company and being able to take multiple vacations with your family, putting your kids in the best schools, having a nice house, nice cars, and a vacation home? Slow down my friend as Rome wasn't built in a day. Like all great endeavors to get to point B, you have to start at point A.

Step 1

You need more customers. Let's start with answering the phone. Maybe you have to do it in the beginning just to get things rolling but you will quickly need a professional answering service and then graduate to a receptionist. You can not let phone calls go to an answering machine because people will simply hang up and call someone else. So you just lost a customer. So you say "I don't get enough calls to warrant this". This is where step 2 comes in.

Step 2

To get the phone ringing you need to beat your competitors. Think about how someone looks for a plumber? Typically, there is an immediate need because something has happened and it's not the kind of thing they can wait around for a solution. so the customer searches Google and looks for a plumber near them or in their city. They will be taken to the Google Map listing and if you are not among the top results you know what happens. You don't get the call and therefore will never get to your dream life. So how do you get to be among the elite?

Step 3

Advertise on Google and build citations and improve SEO. The Google search ads are the fastest way to get your phone ringing because with an ad you will appear at the top of the page. The great part about these ads is you only pay if they click on your ad. So what better or faster way to get the phone ringing? There is none. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest all are a waste of money advertising-wise. Those things are like showing a billboard on the freeway and just hoping someone that needs you will see it. Google is where the customer comes looking for you. Citation building and SEO are long-term strategies and will help but the ads are immediate solutions.


Getting to point B takes time but if that is the kind of life you would like you just have to make that part of your plan. I can help you run an ad campaign and build your citations and SEO. Building an empire takes guts, determination, and being a risk-taker. Do you have what it takes?

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